Our Future Plan for the Madrasah

Our aim is to have our teachers fully based at the Madressa with a liveable wage, so that full attention may be given to the needs of the learners. We would like to expand the Madressa by having full-time classes from the morning, which will include classes for adults.

Our plans are to incorporate in the syllabus: 

  • Basic Fiqh
  • Morals and Ethics
  • Du’as
  • Tafsir and understanding of the Holy Qur’an
  • Explanation of the Sunnah and Hadith
  • Aqidah (Our belief system)
  • Sirah and Islamic History
  • Conversational Arabic and Qur’anic Arabic
  • Marriage classes
  • Parenting classes
  • Classes for women and reverts

   Proposed Budget for Madressa

The proposed budget for the Madressa is based on ensuring that the Madressa functions as a self-sustaining institution as part of the complex in a similar manner to other educational institutions.

The requirements for a fully functioning Madressa, which offers learners a comprehensive Islamic Education, are as follows: 

  • Administration and Staffing
  • Electricity and Water
  • Classroom rentals
  • Materials (charts and readers) and photocopying
  • Resources include textbooks and worksheets
  • Functions and graduations
  • Petty cash

 We pray that Allah, The Most High, makes this institution and all similar institutions grow from strength to strength. May He give those who support these well-needed centres of learning the best of this world and the Hereafter. 

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