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[Hajj has been prescribed for months that are known. Whosoever takes Hajj as an obligation during these months, then he should not indulge in any obscene behaviour, nor commit any sin or vile another. And whatsoever you do of good, Allah has full knowledge of. And take your provisions, for indeed the best provision is piety. And be conscious of Me, oh those of understanding.

The meaning of the word "At-Taqwa" in the Arabic language is that firstly, it comes from the root verb, "Waqaa", which means "To save something and protect it from harm." The "Taqwa" of Allah SWT is that consciousness that a Muslim develops in his heart for his Creator, by doing good always and abstaining from evil. To protect and save ourselves from the punishment and earn and attain the love of Allah SWT and His Beloved Prophet SAW is "Taqwa".

The slogan of Islam is "Allahu Akbar"- Allah is The Greatest.

We Muslims: With our "Takbeer" (Glorification of Allah by reciting "Allahu Akbar"), we beautify our Eids, and we build on our glory. With it we begin our Salaah, we begin the call to prayer and the establishment of prayer, we begin our battles, and we begin life itself! In the ear of the new born, the call is given: "Allahu Akbar!" And when we stand up for Salaah, we say: "Allahu Akbar". And when we sacrifice and slaughter, we say: "Bismillahi Allahu Akbar". We have learnt to adopt "Allahu Akbar" as our slogan.

With this slogan we instil fear in the hearts of our enemies during battles: We were victorious on the day of Badr because our call was "Allahu Akbar", and like this in all the battles.

The meaning of "Allahu Akbar" is: That this entire world is small and insignificant in your eyes, in front of Allah SWT. If wealth is offered to you, or position, or authority, or even if the entire world combined is presented to you, in order for you to forsake your religion, then you hold on steadfast to your religion and say: "Allah is The Greatest!" Allah is Greater than wealth and desires, Allah is Greater than this entire world and what is in it.

In Islam, we have 2 Eids. "Rasoolullah SAW arrived in Al-Madinah, and he found that the people used to amuse themselves and play on 2 days during the year. He enquired: "What are these 2 days?" They replied: "We used to play on them during the period of Ignorance." Rasoolullah SAW replied: "Verily, Allah has replaced for you 2 days that are better than them: The Day of Al-Adha and the Day of Al-Fitr." - Narrated by Imams Abu Dawood, Ahmad and An-Nasa'i RA, and the chain follows the conditions of Imam Muslim RA.

These 2 Eids follow major forms of obligations and worship in Islam. After the holy month of Ramadaan, the Eid comes as a reward and treasure from Allah SWT; and Eid Al-Adha follows the Day of the Greatest Hajj, after the Day of Arafaat.

It is during these moments that Allah SWT manifests Himself to His servants, boasting to the inhabitants of the heavens about the inhabitants of the earth, and saying: "Look at My servants! They have come to Me covered in dust and dishevelled - from every deep corner of the earth - I make you bear witness that I have forgiven them." - Saheeh Ibn Hibbaan and Sunan Al-Bayhaqi RA.

The poet says beautifully in Arabic, inspiring us:

"Fear Allah and hope for His Countenance for every great task, and do not obey your ego that is insisting otherwise you will regret. And exist between the 2 states of fear and hope, and bear glad tidings of the pardon of Allah if you are a Muslim."

Our Eids have special qualities: They are based on the worship of Allah SWT alone, and not just for us to satisfy our carnal desires and enjoy. They begin with the Glorification of Allah and Salaah - thereby having a rope that is connected with Allah SWT.

Just like this, our Eids are for humanity, and Muslims do not rejoice on their own. We do not eat on our own nor do we live selfishly only for ourselves. For Eid Al-Fitr, Islam has obligated Zakaat Al-Fitr to be given to the poor: "Rasoolullah SAW made obligatory, Zakaat Al-Fitr, as a means of purification for the one fasting from all vain talk and actions; and the food that it provides is for the poor." - Narrated by Imam Abu Dawood RA.

Furthermore, on Eid Al-Adha sacrifice has been prescribed, in order for a person to spend on his family, his loved ones, his neighbours and the poor Muslims, as well as non-Muslims. [And they prefer others over themselves, even if they are in need. And whosoever becomes the embodiment of benevolence and sacrifice, they are ones who will surely be successful."

Islam is the Deen of strength, and Islam is the source of honour and authority, and the source of moving this Ummah. Sayyiduna Umar RA is reported to have said when he entered Jerusalem: "Verily Allah has given us honour through Islam, and if we seek honour in other than it, Allah will disgrace us."

Surely, what moves this Ummah is: "Allahu Akbar!" What moves this Ummah is: "There is none worthy of worship but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah!"

Islam is a system of life that accompanies each individual from the time he is born until he dies, and even before he is born and after he dies, Insha Allah.

Surely, Islam is a great religion: [On this day, have I perfected for you your religion, completed My favour upon you, and chosen for you Islam as your religion.]

Islam needs men of stature who will help it and honour it! They will spread Islam and be examples for it on earth; a practical example that people see and they witness in them Islam! Islam that is personified! The Qur'aan on 2 feet! Just as the Holy Prophet SAW and his Companions RA were! [He is The One Who assisted you with His victory and with the believers.] - Therefore, there has to be believers!

What has happened to the Muslims today, who have surpassed one billion in number?! Indeed, the Holy Prophet SAW foretold: "The time will come when all the nations of the world will descend upon you like a vulture descends upon its prey! The Companions RA enquired: Will we be few on that day? The Holy Prophet SAW replied: Rather, you will be large in number. However, you will be like the foam of the ocean. Allah will surely remove from the hearts of your enemies any awe for you, and Allah will instil 'Wahn' into your hearts! The Companions RA enquired: What is 'Wahn' O Rasoolullah SAW? He replied: The love of this world and hating death."

The Arab poet says:

"How strange it is to me how Allah is disobeyed, or how He is denied by the one who disbelieves. And in every movement and breath there is proof. And in every thing there is a sign, proving that He is One."

Victory and help does not rely on numbers! [How much of a small group has overcome a large group by the permission of Allah. And Allah is with those who are patient.] - Holy Qur'aan, 2:249

Islam is the religion of the Ummah! It brings everyone together in unity, it unifies there direction of prayer, their feelings, their goals and their path. [And verily, ths is My path, straight, so follow it. And do not follow the other paths otherwise it will mislead you from Allah's path.] - Holy Qur'aan, 6:153

Sayyiduna Ibn Mas`ood RA reports: "Rasoolullah SAW drew a line for us on the sand, and then he said: This is the path of Allah. Then he drew lines on its right and left and said: These are other paths, and on every path is a Shaitaan that is inviting to it. Then he recited the above verse." - Narrated by Imam Ahmad RA

In conclusion, we end off with the verse of the Qur'aan: [Oh you who have faith! Become the helpers of Allah!] - Surah As-Saff:14

[Say: Verily, my Salaah, my sacrifice, my life and my death is for Allah, the Lord of the worlds.] - Holy Qur'aan, 6:162-163

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