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The Concept of Khilafah

What is your take on these movements based in the West that propagate the idea

that the solution to the Ummahs problems is the re-establishment

of the KHILAFAH! They believe there cant be a real Islam without

a KHALIFAH, therefore, we must all leave everything else and woork

towards the reviving the KHALIFAH.



Wa Alaykum As-Salam,

One of the big problems with our Ummah today, esp the youth,

is the obsession with "quick fix solutions" !!!

The Salafi sect feels, everything will come right the moment the Ummah

stops celebrating Mawlid and the 15th night of Shaban and believes that Allah (SWT)

has "hands" and "feet"!!! So all effort is put into that "priority"!!!

Many angry politcisized Muslim younghters in the West believe the answer to all

problems is having a KHALIFAH!

We tend to mock the Sufis who believe in a long-term process of self-purification.

Its too long for todays youngsters (my generation)......we wanna destroy the USA now, says

the kid wearing levis and nike. Hes been brainwashed to believe that Islam

means: "hating the kuffar...esp the americans".

No time to love and praise the Prophet (SAW) and his Inheritors, the Awliya. Thats

Shirk and Bid'ah anyways. We are too arrogant to follow a Shaykh or a Murshid.

Anyways, about the Khilafah:

The way I understood it, it is Islam that established the

Khilafah, and not Khilafah that established Islam.

The Prophet (SAW) spent 23 years establishing Islam, not

Khalifah. That came afterwards; as a RESULT of Islam being

established, in its entirety, in the hearts and minds of the

whole community.

Is Islam (in the FULL sense of the word) established in the our

community's heart and mind today???

The Ummah is ridden with countless spiritual diseases

(nationalism is only one of them), that make us unworthy of the


If that wasn't the case, then the already established Osmanli

Khilafah would not have fallen in the first place.

To those who naively think that having somebody declared as

"Khalifah" will solve all our problems instantly, i say:

Let us not forget that the entire Muslim world was taken over and

raped by the European Colonialists under the "auspices" of the

Khalifah and the Khilafah State, who could not do anything to

stop them. In the end, they finished him and his State also.

We have to be realistic and learn from history. Salafis/Wahhabis

cant revive Khilafah as they contributed to its destruction.

For me, these tiny "khalifah revival" groups are simply cults

where some frustrated young western Muslims vent out their anger

against the system. In the Muslim world however, nobody is

interested in them!

"Angry Muslims" in the West should learn that the millions of

protesters in Egypt, Yemen or Tunisia are not looking for some

new ruthless dictator called "Khalifah", but rather a democratic

system more like they have in the West!!!

How will this so-called Khilafah be established if most Muslims

themselves dont want it?

It is absolutely ridiculous to think that all our problems will

be solved if a few hundred blokes in the UK or Europe "appoint"

the head of the Murabitun or al-Muhajiron or HT as a "Amir


The minimum requirement for a Khalifah would be to have some

piece of land that he CONTROLS absolutely. Which of these groups

have that?

So we have an Ummah that is not at all deserving of the Khilafah

(leadership of the World) due to its countless maladies, and we

have groups that don't control an inch of land, so where will

this Khilafah start and for who?

How can we have "one Khalifah that unites the entire Ummah", when

there are at least 3 Khilafah movements in the UK itself who

don't see eye to eye!!! Even they cant agree on a Khalifah!

The racial, ethnic, political, economic and sectarian disunity in

the Ummah is to such extremes that having "One leader for all" is

impossible, unless a miracle occurs. Perhaps, the Mahdi (AS). And

even he wont be accepted by many Muslims!

There is not even a "single spiritual leader" for all Sufis, or

all Salafis or all Shia in the world!

From a Fiqh point of view, if there is any contender for Khilafah

today, it would be the King of Morocco!

The Sultans of Morocco have titled themselves "Amir al-Mu'minin"

for centuries and come from a well-established and legitimate

Hashemite dynasty! They never accepted the Ottoman Khilafah.

So i suggest, all "Khilafah freaks" migrate to Morocco and give

bay'ah to Mawlay Muhammad the 6th! That would be the "right

thing" to do from a Fiqh point of view! Maybe they should help

him "reconquer the rebellious Wilayah of the South Sahara"!!!

At the moment, historic style political Khilafah is a very very

long-term goal for us. The immediate goal is to establish Islam

in the hearts and minds of the Ummah, through the spiritual

Khalifahs of Rasul-Allah (SAW).  That's what our true Scholars

and Saints are doing. They are the ones really paving the road

for the Khilafah.

First, the spiritual Khilafah must be established, then that will

result in the political Khilafah. The Earth was promised to the

"Ibadi al-Salihun". That's how it happened in the first place. And

the Last of this Ummah will only be fixed by what the First of

this Ummah was fixed by.

No hurry though....Allah is with the Sabirin.

"History is in Good Hands" as Sidi Abdal-Hakim Murad said!


Fakhruddin Owaisi

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