Laylatul Mi'raj

 بسم الله الرحمٰن الرحيم 

Allah Ta'aala says, 'And give thanks to Me and do not make kufr' -alQuran 2:152- This is a clear instruction for us to make Shukr to Allah Ta'aala. Consequently Imam Bayhaqi explains that expressing thankfulness for the Blessings/Favours of Allah Ta'aala is one of the branches of Imaan.

Why does the Quran mention being thankful and then immediately says don't make Kufr.

What is the link between Shukr and Kufr?

The following Hadith has the answer. RasoolAllah SallAllahu Alayhi Wasallam said, 'The talking of the grace/favour of Allah is Shukr and renouncing/forsaking it is Kufr, and he who is not thankful (for) little (amounts of a thing) will not be thankful for (a thing in) abundance. -Imam Bayhaqi in his Shuib al Imaan-'

From this we can understand that concerning the Favours of Allah Ta'aala, there were two ends to the stick. On the one hand you have those who are actively and sincerely grateful to Allah Ta'ala for His bounties. They make a point of talking about these bounties. And on the other hand you have those who don't care to be thankful, they even go to the extent of being oblivious of Allah Ta'aala blessing us with His Bounty.

Receiving a Bounty from Allah Ta'aala is such an important and significant event that Allah Ta'aala regards the days in which He sends a Bounty or a Favour as 'the Days of Allah.'

Allah Ta'aala says in the Quran,
'and make remembrance to them of the days of Allah' -alQuran 14:5-

RasoolAllah SallAllahu Alayhi Wasallam explained regarding this verse, that the Days of Allah refers to the days on which Allah Ta'aala granted His Ne'mat (Favour / Bounty). -Masnad Imam Ahmad bin Hanbal, Tafseer Imam Qurtubi- So this verse teaches us that the days during which Allah Ta'aala blesses us with a special Ne'mat (Bounty / Favour) are special days and are called the Days of Allah. Secondly, this verse instructs that these days are to be remembered.

The Night of Meraj is one such occasion, for during it Allah Ta'aala granted His special Favour. Allah Ta'aala blessed RasoolAllah sallAllahu alayhi wasallam with the unique journey of Meraj wherein he travelled beyond the Arsh and saw and spoke to Allah Ta'aala. Also during this Meraj we received the special Favour of our 5 Fardh Salah.

So as the Hadith teaches, the day in which a special Favour of Allah Ta'aala is granted is called a 'Day of Allah' and the Quran instructs: 'and make remembrance to them of the days of Allah' -alQuran 14:5-

So let us observe this Quranic verse. Let us make remembrance of the event of the Meraj. To this end many Masjids will host a lecture explaining the Meraj. Please make a point of attending these lectures. In this way you will be making remembrance of the Days of Allah.

Courtesy of Islam South Africa


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