Habibia's Future Vision

The point of departure for Habibia's future vision is to continue with the Islamic foundation, principles and practice as laid down by the Quran and Sunnah as practiced in the tradition of the founding fathers of the Habibia Soofie Masjid, namely, Hazrat Soofie Saheb RA and Hazrat Moulana Abdul Latief Qadi RA.

Habibia has been and will strive to make its programmes Islamic and educational more socially relevant and inclusive of the needs of the community. Habibia would continue the social programmes for the poor and orphans as developed by the founding fathers of the Khanqah and enhance these programmes through greater community support and participation.

To engage and attract the youth through providing the complex as  the epicentre for more inclusive youth programmes of an Islamic and educational nature.

To enhance the existing Islamic educational facilities. This would include classes for the youth and evening adult classes. This programme would be further enhanced through the development of an Islamic library and relaunching of the Habibia Bookshop. 

To make the Habibia centre as a self sustaining complex through greater community involvement, participation and contributions.

The future vision of Habibia can only be successful through consistent and increasing community participation and through spiritually and socially relevant programmes.

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