The Excellence Of Durood Sharief

Allah says in the Holy Quran, “And WE raised you in praise/rememberance.”

The Blessed Prophet of Islam, The Prophet of Peace, Muhammed S.A.W, is Allah’s greatest creation. Allah himself praised our blessed Prophet S.A.W in many instances, for His character and His patience and perseverance. But no praise can be greater than what Allah says in the Holy Quran, in Surah Al Ahzab verse 56, “Indeed Allah and His Angels send salutations on The Messenger, O’ You who believe, You also send salutations upon him!” This verse of the Holy Quran made it compulsory upon all the believing men and women to send salutations upon the Blessed Messenger S.A.W. It also raises the Prophet S.A.W in status, for Allah himself, Our creator, Our Nourisher, He who is not dependent on any creation, He who is one, The Supreme, is informing us that He also sends salutations upon the beloved, Muhammad S.A.W, and that Allah has also made it obligatory on the Angels to also send Salutations on the Prophet Muhammad S.A.W.

Salutations or Durood Shareef as we have grown accustomed to calling it, is one of the greatest and yet simplest means to achieving closeness to Allah. In order for any individual to gain Allah’s focus and attention, he has to be engaged in actions that please Allah Ta-Ala. And it is beyond a shadow of doubt that Allah’s focus and attention is on that individual who is constantly remembering and saluting His Beloved, Muhammad S.A.W.

Sayedina Hassaan Bin Thaabit (May Allah Be Pleased with Him), the great poet of the Prophet S.A.W composed various couplets in praise of the Prophet S.A.W. In one Couplet he speaks about how Allah has raised the status of the Prophet S.A.W, He says, “And Allah brought together the name of the Prophet S.A.W with his name in every instance, even at the time when the Azaan is called, When the Muazzin says, I testify that there is no diety besides Allah, his azaan will not be complete without him also saying, I testify that Muhammed S.A.W is Allah’s Messenger.”

There are various Ahaadith that speak about the benefits of sending salutations. We will extract just a few from the various narrations in order to see the benefits of sending salutations to the greatest of Mankind.

1. When we send Salutations to the Prophet S.A.W we are obeying a direct order from Allah Ta-Ala. This obedience Insha Allah itself will earn us great reward.

2. We are following in Allah Ta-ala’s example Himself, for Allah Himself says in the Holy Quran that He also sends salutations upon His beloved Muhammed S.A.W.

3. When an individual sends one Durood Shareef or one Salutation on the Messenger of Allah, according to various traditions Allah sends ten greetings back for him.

4. Also, not only are there ten greetings sent for him, but he is raised by Allah in status ten positions, ten good deeds are written for him, and ten bad deeds are removed from his book of actions.

5. Durood shareef is also a means of getting ones Dua to be accepted. Sayedina Ali R.A says that: “A veil is formed between Allah and every Dua that a believer makes, until the person making the dua sends salutations on the blessed Prophet S.A.W. If he sends his salutations on the Blessed Messenger S.A.W then that veil disappears and the dua presents itself to Allah Ta-Allah. If the person making the Dua does not send Salutations on the Prophet S.A.W, then his dua returns to the earth and remains unanswered.” One of the students of Abdullah Ibn Abbas R.A also states: “If anyone of you wishes to have his duas answered, then before making the dua, he should send durood shareef to the Prophet S.A.W, and after making his dua he should complete by sending durood shareef, for whenever Salutations are sent, the salutations are accepted, and Allah is the Most Honourable, that he will accept the salutation in the beginning and the salutation at the end, and leave out accepting the dua that is between the two salutations.”

6. Durood Shareef is also a means of gaining closeness to the Messenger of Allah S.A.W. If one constantly sends his salutations then beside the reward, the blessing etc that is attained, he also attains the intercession of the Prophet S.A.W on the day of Resurrection, when we as Muslims will need the assistance of the beloved Prophet S.A.W the most.

7. Sayedina Ghouse Paak, Mohiyudeen Sheikh Abdul Qadir Jilani R.A states in his book, Safinatul Qadiriyah, that when an individual sends salutations on the Prophet S.A.W, what could be more pleasing, more honourable for him, than his salutation been answered, and him receiving a reply to his salutation. That is why when you send Durood, send it with the utmost of respect and sincerity, for the Messenger of Allah S.A.W that you are sending it too, is not dead, but alive and according to narrations he is also aware of who is sending salutations upon him, and he gives a reply to it.

8. Sending Durood Shareef on Allah’s blessed messenger also saves a believer from falling into the category of a Bakheel or Miser. In a hadith narrated by Sayedina Aisha R.A.H, she says that once the Messenger of Allah S.A.W said, “Woe unto him who does not see me on the day of resurrection! So She asked, Änd who will be of the unfortunate ones who will not have the privilege of seeing you on the day of resurrection O Messenger of Allah S.A.W? The Blessed Prophet S.A.W replied: “The Miser. He will not see me on the day of resurrection!” She asked: “And who is this Miser? The Messenger of Allah S.A.W. replied:” He who hears my name but does not send salutations on me”. Allah save us from this unfortunate group of believers. Ameen!

9. Another great benefit of Durood Shareef is salvation from the punishment in the grave. Sayedina Sufyaan At Thouri R.A, who is a great narrater of Hadith, narrates that one day whilst he was making Tawaaf of the Ka-aba, he came across an individual also in tawaaf, but this individual was not reading Takbeer or Tahleel, but he was reciting constantly Durood Shareef. Being one of the foremost Imams of his time, he questioned the man, on why he was reciting Durrod. The man in return narrated to him that one day he accompanied his father on a journey of Hajj, and whilst on that journey his father took ill, and passed away, immediately after passing away, his fathers face turned pitch black. The man was so ashamed and yet frightened that immediately he made the ghusl and covered the face. He says that after a little while sitting besides the body he fell asleep, and in his sleep, he sees an extremely fair and handsome looking man coming towards the janazah. The man takes a white cloth and throws it over his fathers face, and immediately the face of the father returns to normal. He asked the man who are you? The Man replies, Ï am Muhammed (S.A.W) The Prophet of Allah. Your father was a sinner who constantly transgressed against Allah’s commandments, but he constantly sent salutations on me. Because of his salutations on me Allah has forgiven Him!” The son awakes and sees that his father’s face had returned to normal.

These are various lesson and benefits that we as believers can attain by send Durood and Salaam on the Blessed Messenger Muhammed S.A.W.

In conclusion I would like to mention the wise words from the Sufi Grandmaster, Sayedina Imam Ahmed Zarrooq R.A. “Make constant Zikr of Allah and salutation on the Prophet S.A.W, for they are both steps on the path that will take you closer to Allah Ta-Ala. Even when a person is seeking a Murshid, and is unable to find his Murshid and guide to take him to Allah, the Messenger S.A.W has said that Salutations on me is NOOR, LIGHT, and when that light enters the heart then all forms of darkness disappears, and if one is unable to find his way due to darkness, then the Prophet S.A.W Noor is the best guide to that which is the best way.

Allah give us understanding and grant us success in this world and the next. O’ Allah send salutations on Muhammed S.A.W and the Family of Muhammed S.A.W like you sent salutations on Ibrahim and the Family of Ibrahim A.S.

In conclusion we must constantly engage in those actions that please Allah. It is beyond doubt that the true love for the beloved of Allah (SWT) pleases Him. One can achieve true love for the blessed Messenger S.A.W only after constant remembrance and salutations upon Him.

by Moulana Goolam Muhammad Soofie


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