Ramadan: The month of abundant blessings

All praise is due to Allah, Lord, Cherisher and Sustainer of the universe; and peace and salutations upon the Choicest of His creation,

Sayyiduna Rasulullah Muhammad SAW, and upon his noble Ahlul Bayt and Sahaabah RA.

Sayyiduna Abu Hurayrah RA reports: "The Holy Prophet SAW used to give his companions glad tidings by saying: "Indeed, the month of

Ramadan has come to you. It is a month full of blessings, and Allah has prescribed upon you to fast during the month. The

doors of the gardens are open in it, the doors of the Fire are close and the devils are chained. In it there is a night more

virtuous than one thousand months, and whosoever is denied its blessings the mercy of Allah is prohibited for him."

Narrated by Imam Ahmad RA

Every year, the blessed month of Ramadaan comes and goes, but we do not grasp the opportunity in the way that we should. Few are

those who really obtain its full blessings and few are those who are spiritually enriched. Just as it is important for us to observe the fast of

this month, at the same time we have to realise that fasting is an `Ibaadah that is spiritual more than physical, and it has been prescribed

for us to attain consciousness of Allah SWT and gain closer to Him.

Imam Ibn Rajab Al-Hanbali RA beautifully states in poetry in Lataa'if Al-Ma`aarif:

Ramadaan, the field of cultivation for the servants of Allah has come

In order to purify their hearts from corruption

Therefore, give it its due rights in your sayings and actions

And store away your provisions for your return to Allah.

Ramadaan is the ideal opportunity to improve ourselves and awaken from our negligence and heedlessness. Fasting is a shield that protects

us as long we do not damage it, and it is an act of patience and perseverance. That is why it is the only act for which the reward is not

limited to 10 times or even 700 times, but Allah alone knows its full reward.

Ramadaan is the month for us to make a determined resolution to observe and enjoin what is good, abstain from and forbid what is evil. It

is the best time of the year for us to plant strong roots and sincerely become embodiments of sacrifice and benevolence. Sayyiduna

Salmaan Al-Farisee RA reports that Rasoolullah SAW said: "Whosoever does one voluntary act of good, will get the reward of

doing an obligatory act in any other part of the year. And whosoever does one obligatory act, he will get the reward of

doing 70 obligatory acts in any other part of the year."

The blessings that the holy month of Ramadaan contains cannot be counted. It is up to us to put the utmost efforts in everything we do

during this month, so that we can progress further in our journey towards Allah and the Hereafter. 

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