Ramadan Karim

Our Ramadan Programme

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The Taraweeh Salaah will be lead by the following Huffaaz this year insha Allah:

Shaykh Sulayman Benjamin, Hafiz Ebrahim Bagus, Moulana Luqmaan Kagee, Hafiz Naqeeb Kagee, Hafiz Siddiq Parker, Hafiz Tahir Ebrahim, Hafiz Rameez Khan, Hafiz Mu'aaz Kagee, Hafiz Zhareef Khan and Hafiz Nawaaz Kagee.

The lectures will be delivered by Moulana Goolam Hafiz Rooknodien and Moulana Luqmaan Kagee, between the Athaan and the Fard Salaah, and before the Taraweeh commences.

 The Jumu'ah lectures will be delivered by guest speakers every week. The Jumu'ah Programme commences at 12h10, with a Qira'ah (recitation) of the Holy Qur'aan. Jumuah Athaan will be at 12h40 and the will be lecture at 12h50.


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