Urus of Hazrath Khwaja Gharib Nawaaz RA 1436/2015

The Urus Shareef of Hazrath Khwaja Gharib Nawaaz RA will be celebrated from Wednesday 17 Rajab (06 May), opening with the Khatme Khwajegaan in the Mazaar after Maghrib.

Thereafter, programme continues with Na't Shareef recitals, Salaami & Du'a. The programme will continue after Esha with a Gyarwi Shareef.


Thu 18 (07 May):


Wisaal Khatam of Hazrath Soofie Saheb RA, Hadra Thikr by Qadiriyyah Shathiliyyah after Esha in the Masjid.


Fri 19 (08 May):


Jumu'ah programme commences before Athaan with a recitation of the Holy Qur'an. Jumu'ah Lecture by guest speaker.

After Esha: Na't Shareef rendition by Chiragh-e-Faqir Chisti International, in the Mazaar.


Sat 20 (09 May):


After 'Asr: Thikr by 'Ibadur Rahman Qadiriyyah Jamaat in the Masjid, for males.

Thikr by Ad-Dairatus Salihiyyah in the Mazaar, for Ladies only.


After Maghrib: Niaz supper will be served.


After Esha: Sandal procession leaves house of Hazrath Moulana 'Abdul Latief Qadi Siddiqi RA, Na't Shareef recital, Salami & Du'a, Hoisting of the Chisti Flaq, and Qawwali in the Mazaar.


Sun 21 (10 May):


Programme commences in the Masjid with a Khatam on all deceased.

10am: Breakfast will be served.


11am: Meelad Shareef, Na't Shareef, & Lecture by Sheikh Mahdi Kriel, Salami & Du'a.


12h55pm: Thuhr Salaah.

Niaz Lunch will be served after Thuhr.


3pm: Ratieb programme.


'Aam Da'wat- All Welcome!

Refreshments will be served for all programmes. Special accommodation will be provided for Ladies.

Kindly contact Imam Goolam Hoosain Parker for further info (021 638 2130).


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