Urs Shareef of Hazrath Sultanul Auliya 1437/2016


The `Urs Shareef of Sultanul Auliya, Hadrat Shaykh Abu Muhammad `Abdul Qadir Al-Jilani (May Allah sanctify his honourable secret), will take place as follows:


Wednesday 03 Feb: Khatme Khwajegaan and Na`t recitals after Maghrib in the Mazaar Shareef

Thursday 04: Qul Shareef Khatam on all deceased after Esha in the Masjid.

Friday 05: Jumu'ah talk will be presented by Shaykh Goolam Hafiz Rooknodien.

After Maghrib: Gyarwi renditions in the Masjid

Saturday 06: The Sandal Shareef will start after `Asr Salaah, proceeding from the house of Hadrat Moulana `Abdul Lateef RA to the Mazaar Shareef. Niyaaz supper will be served after Maghrib.

Sunday 07: The programme will commence at 9am with a Qur'an Khatam. Breakfast will be served at 10am. The programme will continue at 11am with Na`t and Manqabat recitals. The guest speaker will be Hafiz Irshaad Soofie from Durban, and the lecture will start at 12pm. Thereafter, Salami & Du`a and Thuhr Salah. Niyaaz luinch will be served after Thuhr.


All Welcome! Accommodation for ladies will be provided.