Urus Shareef of Shaykh Abdul Qadir Al-Jilani RA


Wed 10th night (20 Feb): Gyarwi Shareef after Esha in the Masjid. Refreshments will be served thereafter.

Thu 11th night (21 Feb): Khatam on all deceased after Esha in the Masjid. Refreshments thereafter.

Fri 11th (22 Feb): Jumuah lecture by guest speaker.

Sat 12th (23 Feb): After Asr- Thikr by Ibadur Rahmaan Jamaat in the Masjid. Sandal procession from residence of Moulana Abdul Latief Qadi RA at 6.30pm. Supper after Maghrib.

Sun 13th (24 Feb): 9.30am- Khatam on all deceased by Huffaaz inside Masjid. Breakfast at 10am. Meelad Shareef at 11am, followed by Naat recitals. Lecture by Hafiz Abdul Kareem Parker at 12pm. Salami and Dua thereafter. Lunch will be served after Thuhr.

All Welcome! For further info: Contact Imam Goolam on (021) 638 2130.