Thul Qa`dah

The duas mentioned for the other months should also be read in Zil Qadah. Hazrath Abu Huraira (R.A.) reported that in Zil Qadah there is one night which is equal to a 170 years and that this night is the 5th of Zil Qaid.

Anyone who recites Quran, performs Zikrullah or even his salaat Allah will grant him the sawaab of the Ibaadath of 170 years. On this night read 2 rakaats for elevating one's position. In every rakaat after Surah Fateha read Surah Muzammil once. After salaam read 3 times Surah Yaseen. At the end of Zil Qaid after Namaaz-e-Chaast read 2 rakaats of Nafil. After Surah Fateha read Surah Qadr 3 times in each rakaat. After salaam read 11 times Durood Shareef and 11 times Surah Fateha. Thereafter go into sujood and ask Allah for whatever one desires, Insha Allah, Allah will grant, one's Duas.


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