This Month has five important excellences, after the sighting of the new moon for the month of Muharram, recite all the Dua’s that have been mentioned in chapter three on the sighting of the new moon.

Sayedina Kalimullah Jahan Aabade Chisthi R.A.used to always recite the following Dua,



"Marhaban Bis Sanatil Jadeedati, Wal Yaumil Jadeedati, Was Saa’til Jadeedati, Marhaban Bil Kaatibi Was Shaheedi, Uktubaa Fi Saheefati,
Bismillah Hir Rahmaanir Raheem, AsHadu Alla Illaaha Illalahu Wah Dahu La Shareekalahu, La Hul Mulku Wa Lahul Hamdu, Yuhyi
wa Yumeetu, Wa Huwa Hayun La Yamootu, Bi Ya Dihil Khairi, Wa Huwa A’la Kuli Shay In Qadeer, Wa Innal Jannata Haqun, Wa Innan Naara
Haqun, Wa Annas Saa-a’ta Aatiyatun La Rayba Fee-ha, Wa Annal Lawha Yab-a’thu Man Fil Quboori."

"The new year is welcome, the new day is welcome, and this new hour is welcome, the writer and the witness are welcome, Write! In my recorded books, in the name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Merciful, I testify that there is none worthy of worship except Allah. He is One, there is no matter on to him, for Him is ownership (of Everything), and for Him is All Praise, He gives Life, and Brings Death, and He is All Living, He does not Die, In His hands Is the power of all Good, and He is most Capable of Everything. Indeed Paradise is true, Indeed Hell-fire is true, and indeed the final hour is coming, in that there is no doubt, and Indeed Allah will awaken the dwellers of the graves."

Salaah to be read on the 1st of Muharram

Sayedina Syed Muhammed Khwaja Banda Nawaaz R.A. has stated in his book “Jawamiul Kalim” that on the first of Muharram one should read 6 rakaats Nafil Salaah with 3 salaams. In each rakaat after Surah Fateha read Ayatul Kursi once, followed by Surah Ikhlaas 11 times, after every salaam, read three times,


"Subhanal Malikil Qudoosi, Suboohun, Qudoosun, Rabbuna wa Rabbul Malaaikati War Rooh"

In a book called Matloobul Thawlibain, it is stated that a faqir should recite this Salaah on the first night of Muharramul Haraam, six rakaats with 3 salaams. In each rakaat after Surah Fateha read Ayatul Kursi 15 times and Surah Ikhlaas 3 times, after each of the salaams recite,


"Subhanal Malikil Qudoos"

Insha Allah the reciter of this will not receive any shortfall in his sustenance. Another method of performing these 6 rakaats, is to recite
after Surah Fateha, Surah Ikhlaas 15 times (according to another narration 7 times) in each rakaat, and after every salaam read,


"Suboohun, Qudoosun, Rabbuna wa Rabbul Malaaikati War Rooh"

In order to achieve physical and spiritual Happiness, one should read 10 rakaats with 5 salaams. In the first rakaat after Surah Fateha, read Surah Inaa’m once. In the second rakaat after Surah Fateha read Surah Yaseen. Also on this night, recite 41 times Surah Fateha with Bismillah joined to it.


The second importance of the sighting of the Moon of Muharram

Any person who recites 2 rakaats of Nafil Salaah (Any Surah) on this first night and reads the following Dua seven times, Allah will appoint two angels to protect him for that whole year. The dua is as follows:


"Allahamu Antal Abadul Qadeemu, Wa Hadithi Sanatun Jadeedatun, As Aluka Feehal I’smata Minash Shaitaanir Rajeem, Wa Min Kulli Dhi
Sharrin, Wa Minal Balaaya Wal Aafaati, Wa As Alukal A’una Wal A’dla A’la Hadithi Hin Nafsil Amaarati Bi Soo-ee, Wal Ishtighaala Bima
Yuqaribuni Ilayka, Ya Barrun, Ya Raheemun, Ya Dhal Jalaali Wal Ikraami."

Thereafter read Once:


"Al hamdullilahil Ladhi Dhala Kulla Shay-in Bi Azmatihi, Wal Hamdullilahil Ladhi Istaslama Kulla Shay-in Bi Qudratihi, As-Aluhu Bi-Azmatihi, Wa Izzatihi, Wa Mulkihi, Wa Qudratihi, Fi Haadhi Hiss Sanatil Jadeedati, Al Amana Wal Amaana Wal Aafiyata Wal Ghufraana Wa
Ishmata Minash Shaytaan.

"All praise is to Allah who overwhelms everything by His greatness, and all Praise is to Allah who by His Greatness everything becomes submissive. I ask Him by His greatness, by His honour, by His ownership and by His power, that in this new year He grants me safety and security, compassion and forgiveness, and protection from Satan."

Any person who recites this Dua 12 times and blows (makes Dum) on water and places this water or washes his body with this water, he will be safeguarded from any unpleasant or strained relationships, and during these hardships and inconvenience, Allah S.W.T. will keep one away from enmity and hardship and protect him from all sickness and hardships. The Dua is as follows:


"SubhannAllahi Mil-al Meezani, Wa Muntahal Ilmi, Wa Mablagar Ridaw, Wa Zeenatal Arshi, La Maljaa, Wa La Manjaa,MinAllahi Illa Ilayhi, Wa La Haula Wa La Quwata Illa Billahil Aliyil Azeem."

Also Allah Ta-Ala will keep the Hellfire away from the person who recites this Dua 100 times. The following Dua should be read daily, in the morning and evening during the month of Muharram,


"There is no one worthy of worship but Allah alone, He has no partner, to Him belongs all dominion and praise, He gives life and causes death; He is All-Living and does not die, One of Majesty and Honour, in His Hand is all good; and He has power over all things. Oh Allah! There is no one to prevent what You give, and no one to give what You prevent; no one to return what You have decreed; and no one of good fortune can cause benefit, from You comes all good fortune."


The third importance: The Night of Ashura

The person who remains in Ibaadath during this night will get the sawaab of the pious persons of the seven heavens. Read on this night 100 rakaats of Nawafil, reading after Surah Fateha 3 times Surah Ikhlaas in each rakaat. After the completion of this Salaah read 70 times,


In another narration it is stated that one should read 4 rakaats of Nawafil. In every rakaat, after Surah Fateha recite Surah Ikhlaas 25 times, Allah Ta-Ala will forgive 50 years of past sins and 50 years of future sins, and Allah Ta-Ala will also reward him by giving him a house in Paradise. It is advisable for one to spend this entire night in Zikr-e-Elahi. One can also read 4 rakaats in the last part of the night. In every rakaat after Surah Fateha read Ayatul Kursi 3 times and Surah Ikhlaas 15 times. After Salaam recite 100 times Surah Ikhlaas again. One will obtain full sawaab for this recitation. One can also read 4 rakaats, reading in every rakaat after Surah Fateha, Ayatul Kursi and Surah Ikhlaas 10 times followed by Surah Falaq and Surah Naas 10 times respectively.


Fourth Significance: The Day of Ashura

The day of Ashura is a great day and a day that is full of blessings. The one who fasts on this day, Allah Ta-Ala will reward him with the sawaab of 1000 Haj and Umra, and the sawaab of 1000 martyrs. The person who provides Ifthaar for the fasting person is like one who provides ifthaar for the entire Ummah of the Prophet S.A.W. It is Makrooh to fast only one day for the 10th or the Day of Ashura. Fasts
must be kept on the 9th and the 10th of Muharram or the 10th and 11th of Muharram. It is the practice of the Jews to fast only one day, and that is the 10th. It is advisable to fast on the 9th, 10th, and 11th of Muharram. On the day of Ashura, when the sun reaches a certain height one should read 2 rakaats of Nafil Salaah reading in the first rakaat after Surah Fateha Ayatul Kursi followed by the last verses of Surah Al Hashr, (Lo Anzalna) in the second rakaat. After Salaam read Durood Shareef and this Dua;


"Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem, Ya Awalul Awaleen Wa Ya Akhirul Aakhireena, La Ilaha Illa Anta, Khalaqta Awwala Ma Khalaqta Fi Hadthal
Yaumi, Wa Takhluqu Aakhira Ma Takhluqu Fi Hadthal Yaumi, A’Thini Feehi Khaira Ma A’thaytahu Anbiya-aka Wa Asfiyaa-aka Min Thawabil
Balaaya Wa Ma Ashum tahum Feehi Minal Karaamati, Bi Hurmati Muhammadin Salalawhu Alaihi Wa Sallam."

“In the name of Allah, The Most Beneficent, The Most Merciful, O’ the First of all the firsts, O’ Last of all Lasts, There is none worthy of worship besides You, You are the creator of all the things first on this day, and You will create all the things last on this day, Grant me on this day the best of that which You granted on this day to Your prophets and Your chosen ones, from the infinite reward, (grant me) from that which You allocated and gave to them of honor, (I ask you this) by the sacredness of Sayedina Muhammed S.A.W.”

After the recitation of this Dua, whatever the reciter will ask for, Insha Allah, Allah will accept it and grant it to Him.

Sayedina Khwaja Qutbuddin Bakhtiyaare Kaki R.A. has mentioned that when the sun has risen to a great height, then one should read 6 rakaats of Nafil Salaah with 3 salaams as follows;

First rakaat after Surah Fateha read Surah Wash Shams, Second rakaat after Surah Fateha read Surah Qadr, Third rakaat after Surah Fateha read Surah Zil Zala, Fourth rakaat after Surah Fateha read Surah Ikhlaas, Fifth rakaat after Surah Fateha read Surah Falaq
Sixth rakaat after Surah Fateha read Surah Naas

After every Salaam, go into Sajda and recite 7 times Surah Kaafiroon. Remain in this condition and ask your needs from Allah, thereafter read this Dua;


"Allahumaj A’lni Mimman Da a’ka Fa Ajabtahu, Wa Aamana Bika FaHadaytahu, Wa Raghiba Ilayka Fa A’ataytahu, Wa Tawakkala Alayka Fa
Kafaytahu, Waq Taraba Minka Fa Adnaytahu, Allahuma Inni AsAlukal Imaana Bika, Wa AsAlukal Fadla Min Nar Rizqi, Wa AsAluka Husnal
Aaqibati Fid Dunya Wal Aakhirati Ya Zal Jalaali Wal Ikraami."

“O’ Allah, Make me of those You answer when I call unto You, and Make me of those You guide when I brought Imaan in You, Make me of those You give too when I desire You, Make me of those You Protect when I placed my trust in You, Make me of those You bring closer when I approach You, O’ Allah, Indeed I ask You to increase my Imaan in You, I Ask You to give me surplus in my Sustenance, I ask You to grant me a good finale in this World and in the Hereafter, O’ You The Exalted, The Honorable!”

Ashura Day read 70 times;


Insha Allah, Allah will forgive all the reciters sin.

Also recite this Dua,


"Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem, Inni As-Aluka Bi Joodika Wa Karamika, Wa A’aoozu bika Minal Faza’I Fil Quboor, Bi Rahmatika Ya Arhamar
Raahimeen, InnAllaha Yumsikus Samaawati Wal Arada An Tazula, Wa La In Zaalata In Amsakahuma Min Ba’adihi, Innahu Kaana Haleeman

“In the name of Allah, The Beneficent, The Most Merciful, indeed I ask You by Your Generosity and Your Honor, and indeed I seek protection in You from the fear of the grave, by Your Mercy, O’ You Most Merciful of those who have mercy. Indeed it is Allah, that holds the heavens and the earths from falling, and if they had to fall, who else besides Him will be able to hold them after Him, Indeed He is Most Kind, Most Merciful.”

Sayedina Khwaja Nizaamudeen Mehboobe Elahi R.A. states that on the day of Ashura, at the time of Ishraaq, read four rakaats of Salaah as follows; in the first rakaat after Surah Fateha read Surah Kafiroon, Second rakaat after Surah Fateha read Surah Ikhlaas
Third rakaat after Surah Fateha read Surah Falaq, Fourth rakaat after Surah Fateha read Surah Naas.

Insha Allah the reciter of this Salaah will be protected from his enemies and Allah will protect him during the course of the whole year, Insha Allah. It is recommended that this Salaah be read with Jamaath and congregation. On the Day of Ashura, Allah Ta-Ala will fulfil one’s needs and desires. Read this Salaah as follows; First rakaat after Surah Fateha read Surah Ikhlaas 11 times, Second rakaat after Surah Fateha read Surah Kaafiroon 3 times, Third rakaat after Surah Fateha read Surah Takasur 1 times, Fourth rakaat after Surah Fateha read Ayatul Kursi 3 times. From the second to the fourth rakaat after the respective Surahs, one should read 11 times Surah Ikhlaas in each rakaat, with the exception of the last rakaat, where Surah Ikhlaas will be read 25 times, Insha Allah, Allah Ta-Ala will protect the reciter of this Salaah from his enemies, and Allah will also protect him from the torment of the Qabr. After this Salaah read this Dua,


"Allahumak Sir Shahwati A’n Kulli Mahramin, Waz Jir Hirsi a’n Kuli Ma’Thamin, Wam Na’ni A’n Adtha Kuli Muslimin wa Muslimatin, Bi Rahmatika Ya Arhamar Raahimeen."

“O’Allah, destroy my lust from anything forbidden, and protect my desires from anything sinful, and prevent me from harming any muslim man or women, by Your Mercy, O’Most Merciful of those who have Mercy.”

Mentions of a few significance of the Day of Ashura

 It is preferable to fast and also feed your offspring and relatives on the Day of Ashura.
 Give Sadqa (Charity) and keep away from unnecessary talking.
 Make Ziyaarah at the graveyard
 Greet your brothers and sisters and make peace with your enemies.
 Clothe the destitute
 If there is any Janaaza’s, then attend the Janaaza Salaah for those who have passed on.

 Quench the thirst of the thirsty and feed the hungry.
 Guide the one who is in need of guidance.
 Recite the Holy Quran in excess
 Recite 70 times, 1
 Be kind to the orphans and serve your parents
 Visit the Ulema
 And cry in the fear of Allah.
 Arbitrate between Muslims and keep your enemies happy

Many Dua’s have been written for this day,


"Oh Allah! Make me from those who have calls You and You answer him, who believe in You and You guide him, who turns to You in need and You give him, who puts his trust in You and You are sufficient for him, who seeks nearness to You and You allow him proximity. Oh Allah! Grant me a long life, and place affection for me in the hearts of the believers. Oh Allah! I ask You true belief in You, I ask You bounty from sustenance, I ask You protection from tribulations, I ask You for a good outcome of my life, in the life of this world and the Hereafter, Oh One of Majesty and Honour."

read this Dua seven times;



"Bismillahir Rahmaanir Raheem, SubhaanAllahi Mil Al Meezana, Wa Muntahal Ilmi, Wa Mablaghar Ridaw, Wa Zeenatal Arshi, La Maljaa, Wa
La Manjaa, Minal Lahi Illa Elaihi, SubhaanAllahi A’Dadas Shaf-ee’ Wal Watri, Wa A’dada Kalimaatihit Taamaati Kuliha Wa Ass Aluhus Salaamata Bi Rahmatihi, Wa La Howla Wa La Quwata Illah Billahil Aliyil Azeem, Wa Huwa Hasbee, Wa Ni’mal Wakeel, Ni’mal Maula Wa Ni’man Naseeru, Wa Salalahu A’la Sayedina Muhammadin Wa Aalihi Wa Sahbihi Wa Sallama Ajmaee’n. Allahuma Ya Faariju Karbi Zin Noon Yauma A’shoora, Wa Ya Jamiu’ Shamli Yaqoob Yauma A’shoora, Wa Ya Saamiu’ Da’wati Moosa Wa Haroona Yauma A’shoora Wa Ya Kaashifu Durree Ayyooba Yauma A’shoora Wa Ya Ghaafiru Zanbi Dawood Yauma A’shurah, Ighfir Zunoobi, Wakshif Hammi Wa Gammi, Ya Hayyu Ya Qayoomu Ya Zal Jalaali Wal Ikraami, Ikfina Ma Ahmamna Min Omoorud Dunya Wal Aakhirati Wad Deeni, Ya Arhamar Raahimeen, Ya Maaliku Yaumid Deeni, Iyyaka Na’budu Wa Iyyaka Nasta’eenu."

Allah will grant the reciter of the following Dua Noor on his face and will keep him in peace, will grant him the sawaab of a 1000 martyrs and make his accounting on the day of Qiyaamah easy for him.



"A’oozu Bi Rabil Falaq Min Shari Ma Khalaq, Wa Min Kuli Shaytaanin Maridin, Wa A’duwwin Haasidin, Wa Lissin Qahirin, Wa Sultaanin Jaabirin, Allahuma Inni A’oozubika Min Maqaasaatil Quloobi, Wa Mua’daatdaatin Nufoosi Wa Hidatis Saqami, Wa Shidatil Alami, Wa Ma Mautil Ahbaabhi, Wa Faqdil Mahaabbhi, Wa Karrin Nawaa-ibi, Wa Sooil Iqaabi, Wa Suroofiz Zamani, Wa Sunoofil Mihani, Wa Kafa Bika Kafiyan Liman Istakfaaka, Wa Haadiyan Limam Istahdaaka, Wa Waafiyan Liman Istakfaaka, Wa Mujeeran Liman Iltaja Ilayka, Wa Mueenan Liman Tawakala Alayka, Allahauma Zahhidni Fid Dunya, Wa Raggibni Fil Husna, Waf Righ Alayyas Sabara, Wa Habbib Ilayyal Ajara, Wa Jannibni Ta a’Til Hawa Wa Baligni Ghaayatal Muntaha, Waj Alni Mimman Yarda Bi Qadaaika, Wa Yasta-idu Li Liqaaika, Wa Yas tabidu Balaa-aka, Wa Yata Laqa Ridaa-aka, Wa Yastaghni Bika Amman Siwaaka, Wa La Yakfuru Khairaka, Wa La Ya-malu Ghairaka Min Rizqika, Fa Qad Dala May Yasrifu Anka Amalahu, Wa Yaj-alu Li Ghairika Amalahu, Fa Yu Qinu Limaa Anshatahu Min Khalqika, Wa Yastagni Wa La Yashuku Feema Damantahu Min Rizqika, Allahuma Nazzihni A’n Ibaadaatil I’baadi, Wag Nini A’n I’maaratil Bilaadi, Wa Aínni A’la I’maaratil Maádi, Waj A’l I’baadati Laka Wa Khashyati Minka, Wa Amli Ilayka, Wa Thiqati Bika, Ya Ilahal Alameena, a Ya Khairan Naseereen, Ya Man Yadaaka Mabsootataan, Yunfiqoo Maalahu Kayfa Yashaa-u, Ubsut Alayna Bi Fadlikal Wasi-i’, Yam Man Laysa Li Ghinaahu Ghaayatun, Irham A’la Man Laysa Li Faqrihi, Nihaayah, Wa Salalahu A’la Khairi Khalqihi Muhammadiw Wa A’la A’lihi Wa Sahbihi Wa Salam."

One should read this tasbeeh 7 times on this day, Insha Allah, Allah will protect him from headaches for an entire year,


"HasbiyAllahu Wa Kafaa, Wa Sami’Allahu Liman Da’a, Laysa Wa Raaalahil Muntaha, Man I’tasama Bihablilahi Faqad Najaa."

"I placed my trust in Allah and He is Sufficient, Allah Listens to he who calls unto him, there is nothing supercedes Allah, The Infinite, Whosoever holds fast unto the rope of Allah, he is saved. Also recite Surah Kahf, Surah Maryam, Surah Rahmaan, Surah Mulk, and send the sawaab of its recitation to Our Nabi  and the Ahle Bait, Insha Allah through the barkat of its recitation one will be kept happy in both the worlds."

Read, 1

"La Ilaaha Illahul Aliyul A’ala, La Ilaaha Ilalahu Rabbus Samaawaati Wal Ardi Wa Baynahuma Wa Ma Tahtas Thara."

"There is none worthy of worship except Allah, The Most High, The Most Elevated, There is none worthy of worship Except Allah, the Lord of the Heavens and the Earth and that which is between them, and that which is below the earth."

Allah will look upon the reciter of this Dua with special blessings. On this day of Ashura, it is also advised that one should pay special attention to ones family."


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